4 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss The Nite Owl Festival This September!

This goes out to all those party animals in Delhi who just cannot rest easy without blowing the top off this summer! The Nite Owl Festival at DLF Place, Saket is one of the most anticipated events and possibly also the best! It’s bringing home some jaw dropping food, an amazing array of shopping experiences and a full blast music scene too.

I. 3 Days Of Non-Stop Binge Eating

The Nite Owl Festival is bringing some of our favourite food brands all under one roof! Imagine hogging on succulent burgers, pizzas, rolls and everything that you believed to be a myth. Because if dropping some amazing flavours don’t get you to drool all over your pants, god knows what will! Also, since the event will start late in the evening, you can also expect mouth watering desserts to cool off the steam.

II. A Shopping Experience Featuring The Best Brands

Have you ever felt a shopping experience where all your fave brands come under one roof? And yes, we mean it when we say, ALL YOUR FAVE BRANDS will be there. Because shopping for some amazing dresses, stylish kicks and more is something everyone loves indulging in! So, if you haven’t already jumped on your bed and broke it, do it in 3…2…1..NOW!

III. A Music Experience That Will Put On Hold All Your Clubbing Scenes

Imagine grooving to some sick beats and fine tunes ALL DAY LONG! The Nite Owl Festival will be bringing some amazing bands that will keep you enthralled till late in the night. So, if at all you get bored of binge eating and your feet hurt from all that shopping, we suggest you buckle up because the tunes spinning from the DJs console will surely keep you tapping your feet!

IV. 3 Days..It’s 3 Days Of Unforgettable Memories And A Serenading Time At The Nite Owl Festival

If you’re sitting at home and reading this..listen closely! Reach out to the calendar next to your bed and quite literally BLOCK the dates guys! Because if partying is in your blood and shopping is on your mind, then these two combined with music can only be a dream come true.

Don’t forget to check out The Nite Owl Festival‘s Facebook page for more information!

For brand collaborations, please contact –

Aarti Sharma at +91-9742878480 or aarti@dfordelhi.in


Navya Mendiratta at +91-9953448624 or navya@dfordelhi.in

Location | DLF Place, Saket

From | 22nd September to 24th September

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