4 Reasons Why You Must Attend The Cakewalk Festival On 25th, 26th And 27th!

Jumping on your beds – because an entire festival dedicated to cakes is coming next week – is what you should be doing rn! Oh yes, possibly the best and the first-ever of its kind, DLF Promenade is bringing to town a cake festival with 4 irresistible offers that you cannot miss out on. Featuring edible cakes and non-edible cakes both, the festival will feature hundreds of designer cakes for you to hog on and gape at! In fact, some of the brands bringing the cakes to DLF Promenade are also some of our most loved ones. Chokola for instance.

I. 6 Major Dessert Brands Showcasing The Best In Cakes

Now, this is simply the biggest reason why you should head to the Cakewalk Festival at DLF Promenade! Imagine 6 of the finest bakers in town showcasing their skills in front of you both with edible and non-edible cakes. If you haven’t started jumping on your beds, we highly suggest that you do! Because each of them will be presenting something unique that you won’t find in their stores, so if sugar rush is what you’ve been waiting for, this fest will give you exactly that!

II. Baking Workshops

3 major brands will be sending over their master chefs to give you baking classes! Sure you might be a baker at home but trust us when we tell you these guys can even teach how to make triple decker cake in a jiffy. Foodhall’s Executive Chef, Olivier Vincent will be taking a baking class on 25th August between 4 and 5:30 pm. Baker, Arti Jain will be hosting a Bake Art Vegan Cookies! And Academy of Pastry Arts will be sending over their Executive Pastry Chef Mukesh Rawat.

III. Stalls Of 6 Major Sweet Tooth Believers

We told you that the participating brands will be showcasing some of their best works at the festival. Well, they will also be presenting some of the best edible cakes that you have ever put in your mouths. Now, that’s something which should really make you drool because, on a hot day, the only saviour for you will be the innumerable cakes that you can hog on!

IV. It’s A Cake Festival Dude

Regardless of what type of desserts you like, cakes are still some of the best bakes you can hog. It’s slippery, it’s delicious af and it’s most certainly the one bake that you can slather on your face with no regrets! Besides, we just named some of the best brands in town that will be bringing you cakes of all types. From small ones to the extravagantly big ones meant to shake you to your core as you gape at them!

So, now that we have told you what all you can expect at the Cakewalk Festival at DLF Promenade, are you going?

Ps. there’s no entry fee for the workshops. So, whether you’re at the mall shopping or just hanging at home, all you need to do is walk into DLF Promenade and participate! Unless, of course, you would rather register yourself, for which you can call the Mall and do so.

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