5 Events in Delhi for the Pokémon Go lovers

Were you as happy as a lark when you got to know about the launch of the sensational game, Pokémon Go? Did you immediately do a vigorous thorough search on your Apple store or Playstore, to download the game? Did you almost bid farewell to your social life just for finding as many Pokemons  as you can? Well then, we have got your Pokémon life sorted! We bring you a list of events where you can be Ash Ketchum, Misty or Brock and no one will judge or disturb you. Yes! We have a list of all the Pokémon Go events in Delhi, in the forthcoming two months for you :

1. PokéWalk – Esya’16, IIT Delhi




Esya, IIT Delhi’s  annual Techfest is organizing a PokéWalk, which will be held in Deer Park, HKV, for EVERYONE! They will place LURE MODELS at some of the Poké Stops. They are also promising exciting prizes to the best performers!

WHEN : 7th August 2016

TIME : 5pm to 7pm

WHERE : Deer Park, Hauz Khas Village

For more information, Click here.


2. PokeHunt: India Gate



Catching Pokémons across Rajpath will have it’s own craze! The location promises many PokéStops  and a Poké Gym too. For all the nostalgic people, who want to spend a Sunday recreating their childhood!

WHEN : 21st August 2016

TIME : 5pm to 8 pm

WHERE : India Gate

For more information, Click here.


3. Pokémon Go : India Launch!



Another one for the Pokémon Hunters!  This one will continue for two days. A long period of time for many Pokémons to be caught and many Poké Gyms and Stops to be discovered. Come one come all!

WHEN : 23rd August-24th August 2016

TIME : 9 pm (23rd Aug) to 12 am (24th Aug)

WHERE : Delhi (Location to be specified soon)

For more information, Click here.


4. Pokewalk : Delhi




How many Poké Stops and Poké Gyms could Connaught Place have? How many Pokémons are hiding amidst those tall white buildings? Find by yourself. Nostalgic adults awaited!

WHEN : 31st August 2016

TIME : 5pm to 8pm

WHERE : Connaught Place

For more information, Click here.

5. Pokémon Go Tournament




This will be the cherry on the cake sort of event. This will be the first and the greatest Pokémon Tournament in India! This event will be held across many cities around the world and Delhi is one of those lucky cities! Also, there are best outfit prizes too. So dress up as per your favourite team- Instinct, Mystic or Valor.

WHEN : 24th September 2016

TIME : 12pm to 6pm

WHERE : Lodhi Garden

For more information, Click here.



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