8 Kickass Things To Do This Friendship Day

Friendship Day

Hello Family. Friendship’s Day is round the corner and trust us, Delhi is the best place to be. From sass to crass, from ghostly to godly, Delhi offers everything you could have asked for. And the added masala is the rain. A perfect weather with little drizzling, wind blowing, a bevy of friends and a beautiful sight. Wait. Did we say a beautiful sight? Well! If you are in Delhi, there is no dearth of such places. Be it Jhandewala Mandir or the haunted palace near it, everything makes for a quintessential location. So here is a list of all the great things you can do this Friendship’s Day

1.Bhooli Bhatyari ka Mahal

If yours is the kind of group who like the haunted, then Bhooli Bhatyari ka Mahal is the place for you. Situated just behind the Jhandewala Metro Station, it has a creepy story to its credit. It is said that a queen used to stay there alone. Even today her soul ( so called Atma) haunts this palace. I have heard stories of guards going in. Yeah!!!! Just going in and not coming out. This place is surely going to give you goosebumps.


2. Pir Baba Ka Dargah

If this not enough for you, my list has another crazy place. It’s famous. But not for something that I am going to tell you. Firoz Shah Kotla Stadium. You are thinking of cricket? I am thinking of magic brooms. Behind this stadium, there is a Pir Baba Ka Dargah. Go there. You will find a priest who looks so old that it seems as if he was never young. He has lived at the place forever. Pray at the Dargah, you will need blessings for your sojourn ahead. Walk on. There is a fort. What I suggest is DO NOT ENTER. Because once you are in, I’m not sure if you’ll be out. During a reality show, people entered in and experienced weird things like whispers, which they recorded.

Friendship Day

3.Dilli Haat

Every girl loves her hair. And hair highlights are trending. But not everybody goes in for them. So let’s go for something less harmful. In fact, harmless. At Dilli Haat, INA there are shops that offer hair braiding. It’s really cool. I mean, you can flaunt without any harm done. And the best part is it’s just Rs. 150. So let your hair down this friendship’s day and make it all girly with your BFF.

Friendship Day

4. Lodhi Garden and Khan Market

If your bunch of gang wants some really nice photographs, then, Lodhi Garden is an unmatchable destination. The lake there and broken tree logs make for a perfect location to click. Don’t forget to sit around and look at the swans. The added benefit is the cafes nearby where you can give your appetite a good time.

Friendship Day

5. Accha Sasta Khana

There is one thing peculiar about Delhi and Delhiites. THE FOOD. We are crazy about achha and sasta khana. And we do not take offence in saying that, in fact we are proud of. Rajinder da Dhaba, Bille Di Hatti, Bobby Tikki Wala, Tom Uncle ki Maggi…..the list is never ending. People travel from far off places to savour the food here. I mean, it can’t be told or written. Drop at these places with your squad and check them out yourself. Once you have the taste on your tongue, these places will be your regular destinations.

Friendship Day

6.Street Shopping

500 ka h.

Nahi Bhaiya! 400 ka lagao.

And if you’re with your buddy, you might as well take it for 300. That’s the power of fraaandship. You can go shopping with your buddies this friendship day and pick out things without Whatsapp-ing the pictures of your shortlisted choices to him/her. We all do that yaar. The best places to shop? CP, Kamla Nagar, Janpath, Sarojini Nagar, Lal Quarter, Lakshmi Nagar, Daryanj, Chandini Chowk etc. etc. You will find same things and designs everywhere and should posses really good bargain skills. Most Importantly, you should not  look naive!

Friendship Day

7. Ski India

The weather nowadays is unbearably hot and humid. CHILL has been reduced to a synonym for relax. To make a cut, you can escape to Ski India in Noida, NCR. It is India’s largest snow park and apart from the cold atmosphere, it has a number of fun activities. A visit to this place with your friends can actually be cool.

Friendship Day

8. Majnu ka Tila

If you are an explorer, and learning about exotic things, meeting new people, sitting on roadside, observing, catching fog in winters, going on long journeys are your kind of things, then you need to visit our Little Tibet aka Majnu ka Tila. As you pass through those narrow lanes with shops on both sides, you get to see exquisite Tibetan jewellery, pretty dresses, Tibetan food. And then comes monastery, peaceful like heaven.

Friendship Day

If you have any other things in mind you would want us to list, let us know and we will update our list with whatsoever you are doing.



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