5 Out Of The Box Things In Delhi You’ve Probably Never Tried Before!

Did you know there are tons of things to do in Delhi besides the food to eat, the magic of Delhi to gape at? Well, we found you 5 things that you have probably never seen or heard of before! And the magic of Delhi, we’re sure, will be recreated in just the right way for you this week.

I. Pigeon Racing Sport

This is probably one of those few things that only people residing in Old Delhi have witnessed before! Generally known as ‘kabootar bazi’, the sport is a traditional pigeon endurance race. Close to 500 people train pigeons in Old Delhi. Pigeons are fly against the wind and take the same routes until they come back. And the one that goes the farthest is declared winner.

We Recommend | An hour in the early morning.

II. Morning Heritage Walk At Lodi Garden

This is probably one of the most underrated things to do in Delhi. But a walk around Lodi Garden, especially with the dew slowly caressing the sole of our feet is a magical experience! Besides, imagine this – taking a long walk in the garden, early in the morning with not even a whiff of pollution is everything you’ve been waiting for. Plus, you also get to see the amazing architectural beauties present in the garden for that perfect morning heritage walk.

We Recommend | Going for a walk early in the morning.

III. Golf

Golfing is one of those sports in Delhi that doesn’t get much attention. In fact, besides the usual golf sessions at Delhi Golf Club, there’s a beautiful and engaging golf course in Gurgaon called Hamoni Golf. The good people here at Hamoni Golf have instructors that give amazing lessons to amateurs!

We Recommend | A session with Hamoni Golf for those of you who’ve never tried this before

IV. A Night Ride Through Delhi Ridge

Have you ever been to the ridge? If you’ve passed the place some time in the morning or afternoon, that’s cool! But try driving around the place at night. All the daredevils of Delhi do. And not because it’s dangerous or the police will catch you. The ridge has some spooky hotspots that will either scare the beejesus¬†out of you or make you the most courageous person in the city.

We Recommend | A drive around the ridge at night post 12

V. Attend The Sound And Light Show At Red Fort

The sound and light show at the Red Fort is again one of the most underrated and ignored activities in the city! In fact, the sound and light show at the fort takes place 6 days a week save Mondays. And the best part? You can go enjoy the show 06:00 pm onward. Besides, you can always check out Chandi Chowk later for a great dinner brunch!

For more, you can check out Delhi Tourism‘s website!

So, tell us, have you tried any of these things in Delhi?

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