Sip Your Coffee While You Recharge Your Batteries At These 5 Plazas In Lutyens’ Delhi

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Delhiites listen up! NDMC is all set to construct 5 plazas in Lutyens’ Delhi where you can just sip your coffee at a cafe, chill and hang around while your e-vehicle gets recharged. Isn’t it just amazing? Well, scroll down to know more.

plazas for charging e-vehicles

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The 5 plazas, the first one being constructed at Rafi Marg, are going to have facilities like ATM, smart toilets, WiFi, bike hires and of course a coffee shop set amidst vertical gardens and lit up by ornamental lamps.

plazas to charge e-vehicles

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As the e-vehicles take at least one-and-a-half-hour to get charged, these plazas will help people to utilize their time and relieve their mental stress and physical fatigue. You can also book your slots with the help of the 311 app to minimize the waiting time. Too good to be true, right?

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