The Govt. Is All Set To Pause The Big, Fat Weddings In Delhi!

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The sentiments of two hearts have lately become the business for people. Well, the wastage of food and water during a wedding is not new to us. But, what new is that Delhi Govt. has proposed a plan to put an end to all the big and heavy budget Indian weddings. The plan also says to give surplus food to underprivileged. 

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The epoch-making of all is the policy to control the number of guests. The policy includes the number of guests to be invited at a function will depend on the size of the venue or parking capacity. 

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If you are of the opinion to dislike and violate the policy then you would not like to hear that the government has also set-up high penalties from 5 lakhs to 15 lakhs. So let’s hope that the eco-friendly, and pocket-friendly scheme might lead to something good!

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