5 reasons why you need this app – Skillmate

1   Learning a new skill hasn’t been easier.


How many times have you tried to join a music class only to give up? You can skip doing all that with Skillmate. With a swipe you get to see profiles of talented folks in your area. And voila, with a tap you can connect with your skillmate. Not only that, it matches you up with people near your current location. No need to drive you say? We’re there.

Go ahead and get started.

2   Earn money for being talented.


No one can bake a Red Velvet Cake like you? With Skillmate you can teach anything you know. You decide your fees and class timings.

Free Sunday and some cash? Perfect combo.

3   ‘Partner’ has a new meaning.


Somedays you just need a friend to do something together. Badminton, running, chess…but getting your friends to share your excitement is tough. With Skillmate, you can find a partner for whatever you want to do. It links you up with people who share your love for anything you like to do. Finally, someone in the neighbourhood to go play squash with.

4   I’m talented and you should know it!



Wipe the dust off those medals.

Click pictures, upload videos, share your portfolio for everyone to see how talented you are. Showcase your skills for the world to see and behold.

5    Never a boring day again!


It doesn’t matter if you have only 2 idle hours on a slow Sunday. Use them to do what you enjoy. In the process meet and befriend people who share your passion.

Talent is here, on Skillmate.

Download the App from here


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