5 Delhi Book Markets Every Bibliophile Should Visit

Discovering hidden bookstores, novel kiosks, and libraries are some of the biggest joys of true-blue book lovers. And while many of us have the luxury of buying new copies of the latest books online, scanning for books in bookstores is another experience altogether.

You might not know that Delhi is blessed with many such markets that are solely dedicated to selling and lending second hand books. From first edition hardbacks, rare journals, books on Marxism and fashion to comics and children’s books, these markets have a collection that can put any online book store to shame. We have carefully listed 5 such markets that are sure to please any real bibliophile. Good luck at finding a rare catch, and Happy Reading!


  1. Daryaganj

Delhi’s Daryaganj is famous for its all-time favourite Sunday Book Market or the ‘Kitaab Bazaar’ that’s held on the street pavements and stretches along almost 2 kilometers. Daryaganj is home to books on virtually every topic which makes it an addiction for students and collectors of rare books. Sharpen your bargaining skills to get amazing deals on the rarest of paperbacks!



2. Janpath

Regulars at Delhi’s Janpath market swear by a little shop selling both new and second hand books in the middle of its little flea market. Apart from selling second hand books, this shop also buys novels back. (!)

This is the perfect shop to visit for anyone who plans to exchange their old, used books for new ones. So clear your bookshelves and visit Janpath to buy yourself some new ones!



3. Shankar Market

Ram Gopal Sharma and Sons, in Shankar Market is a famed bookstore-cum-library that sells as well as lends books to reading enthusiasts.

Ram Gopal Sharma and Sons is especially a hit with fans of the thriller genre as they sell almost every work of Stephen King, Dan Brown, John Grisham, and others at anywhere between Rs. 100-200 (or at half the original price.)



4. Connaught Place

Connaught Place has been a favoured hangout destination for generations of book lovers. Along with decades old bookstores, CP also has single standing novel kiosks that sell almost every genre of book within the price range of Rs. 80-200. You’ll find one such shop adjacent to the PVR Plaza and another one on the side-walk of F-Block.



5. Vasant Vihar  

Vasant Vihar also has quite a few book shops that sell second hand book,  and also offer delightful discounts on new books. One such book shop is Om Book Shop, and there’s also Fact and Fiction which has allured many a book lover with their enticing discounts and comfortable ambience. These are also the prefect bookstores to visit if you are looking for academic books, sample papers and such.



So gear up, sharpen your bargaining skills and get ready to brave the heat, and the crowd for an adventure that’ll lead you to the ultimate destination for a book lover – the triumph of discovering new authors and hard-to-find copies, and may be even a rare first edition of your all-time favourite classic. (Hey, anything’s possible.)

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