5 Reasons Why Delhi’s First ‘Genuine Broaster Chicken’ Will Blow You Away!

5 Reasons Why Delhi's First 'Genuine Broaster Chicken' Will Blow You Away!

American powerhouse – Genuine Broaster Chicken has finally opened shop in Delhi and it did not disappoint! Flying across the Pacific and bringing the original American heat Genuine Broaster Chicken is a mad place. And for those of us who love their chicken crunchy & hot, this place is a step closer to heaven. Bet you 10 bucks you’ll start hearing angels sing when the chicken melts and the crunchy outside crackles in your mouth. Now, if that doesn’t turn you on, then god knows what would! So, without further ado, here are 5 reasons this place will sweep you off your feet.

I. Been Broasting Chicken For Last 60 Years

Yes, without a doubt, Genuine Broaster Chicken is one of the original broasters in the world. The good people here at the food giant have a special blend of ingredients that is so perfect, it’s spring in our mouths – a veritable bomb of spices! And here’s the best news – their menu is inspired by our own Indian tastes with an American twist.

II. Legendary Genuine Broaster Chicken | हैप्पी Fried Chicken | Hot Masala Chicken

A desi + विदेशी menu, the good people at Genuine Broaster Chicken brought some Indian flavours & tossed it in with the American spices. Their हैप्पी Fried Chicken is really a Chef’s secret marinade, crispy fried boneless strips, served with curry mango 😉 *yum* But it’s as desi as that friend of yours devouring his piece of chicken with both greasy hands. These guys have two variants – 6 and 12 pieces’ bucket!

III. Something For All Foodies – From Paneer Steak To Authentic American Styled Grilled Chicken

Whether you’re a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, Genuine Broaster Chicken has something for everyone! And that’s not even the tip of the hill. To reach the top, you gotta hog through burgers, pizzas, buckets full of chicken & sensational pasta. So, if we were to blindfold you and make you choose one dish, we’re pretty confident that you would end up taking them all!

IV. Is It Fry-Day Already?

What good is a melting, piping hot piece of chicken if it’s not accompanied by a bag full of fries?! Genuine Broaster Chicken‘s fries add quality, not quantity & give the crunchy chicken that extra edge to make people lick their fingers. You can have fries both vegetarian and non-vegetarian style because no smile should turn into a frown! Heck, you can even have them ‘classic salted’ or ‘spiced’ style!

V. It’s Open In Vijay Nagar, North Campus

YASSSSSS! Genuine Broaster Chicken has opened shop in Vijay Nagar – the hub of everything succulent, spicy and flavoursome!

So, while driving down to Vijay Nagar, we would recommend a quick sneak into Genuine Broaster Chicken‘s Facebook page here.

Location | F-16 / B, Ground Floor, Single Storey, Vijay Nagar

Google Maps | Click Here

And Pay | INR 400 for two

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