5 Reasons Why PVR Anupam Is Our Fave Spot For Regional Food In Delhi!

Where | 16, PVR Anupam Market Complex, Saket

Price For Two | INR 300

The festive season hasn’t even started in full swing! And we’re drooling and hungry for a quick bite.

PVR Anupam in Saket is known for delicious food & gorgeous ambience! From sunrise to sunset the market is always teeming with people who cannot think of anything but food. And we’re shamelessly gushing about this place that etched itself in our minds a thousand times over! With one extra tit-bit! Our favourite regional food chain shop, Nukkadwala!

I. Nukkadwala Produced The World’s Longest Vada Pav


This is something you probably didn’t hear about, THE LONGEST VADA PAV in the world! Nukkadwala, the food joint that put regional food on a pedestal where people can not just enjoy the firework flavours but also drool on something fresh EVERY DAY! And what we have for you next, will blow your mind away!

II. Call On 8527347272 And Get Your Food Delivered To Your Car! Whaaaat??

Nukkadwala is the only QSR chain in Delhi-NCR that provides ‘hot-spot’ drive through! Getting goosebumps in silent excitement? All you gotta do is call on 8527347272 from your car and have all your favourite dishes at your spot near the outlet. Isn’t that just amazing? And we’re sure that you already have butterflies in your stomach.

III. They’re Expanding Across India & Even Abroad! *Woah*

Nukkadwala is slowly expanding and taking it’s healthy, scrumptious meals across India and in London, New York & Dubai! Which, of course, means that you’ll always feel at home when you crave regional Indian food abroad. *sniff* we don’t have many details but we’re definitely getting excited about seeing Indian street food taking over the world!

IV. A Menu That Screams Indian Regional Food

Delhi is a city with a diverse culture. And it is that culture that inspired the menu at Nukkadwala! With meals ranging from Makki Di Roti Sarson Da Saag, Bun Anda, Kolkata Mutton Chop Burger & tons more. In fact, the ambience of the place is rather nostalgic – classically styled & everything Indian. And on top of that, they play old Bollywood tracks too! Which, frankly, is quite romantic as the colourful dangling lights make every moment memorable.

So, as you wait for your food to arrive, take a seat on their benches and try things like Fatafat and Phantom Ciggy’s – a gentle reminder of our childhood days.

Ps. they have a new winter special menu that we’re DEFO losing our palette over! It’s delicious beyond our wildest dreams!

V. By The Way! Did You Know Their Menu Has A Billion Faces Written All Over it?

If you got a little confused here, let us help you! The real inspiration behind their regional street food menu is a billion faces! Faces that you see on a regular basis on the streets – feeding hungry souls! From hawkers to shops to countless others filling up tummies and making people go *yummmm*


Add to that the friendly faces behind the counter that make our every bite memorable – Nukkadwala is a full package that you must not ignore this festive season! And if you’re just as excited as we are, then start jumping on your bed right now! Just don’t break it eh, like we did 😛

Oh fish, did we tell you that these guys have 10 outlets across Delhi-NCR – and each one is more delicious than the last. 😉

So, what are you waiting for? Head to Nukkadwala right now! And grab your plateful of happiness & recharge for yet another food experience you will never forget!!

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