5 Basic Summer Essentials You Cannot Afford To Ignore This Season

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The Chubhti Jalti Garmi days are back again. What are your summer essentials? Sunscreen, lip balms and SPF lotions? There’s something more basic than this, that you often forget. Before summers become unbearable, take note of these 5 essentials to keep handy this summer.

1. Bright nail paints

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The weather outside is as bright as your smile. Colour your nails with bright pop colours and create a style statement.

2. Body Mist

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Keep in mind the after-office parties and keep a body mist with yourself to avoid that awkward look from your friend while you dance.

3. Basic Tee

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Avoid any fancy clothing and stick to the basics. A basic colour t-shirt is your all-season best friend. Pair it with skirts or denim and they’ll look beautiful!

4. Hair Tie

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Think about all the hassles you face when you flaunt your freshly-washed hair. Right. So, keep a ‘rubber band’ in your pocket or around the wrist, and say no to excessive sweating.

5. Chappals

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Forget fancy heals and shoes. What will you do when your feet gets drown in sweat and dust. #teamchappals

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