5 Things To Do In Delhi When You’re Broke And Cashless AF!

When you’re broke af and have absolutely zero cash in your pockets, worry not! Delhi still has few things that you can do and enjoy. Besides the travel stroke that we all get from checking out the various monuments, there are still few things that you can do without paying a single paisa! So, are you ready to be blown away?

I. Qawwali At Nizamuddin Dargah

The Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah in Delhi is the centre of the world when it comes to sufi lovers! On Thursdays the good people here at the Dargah host Qawaali Nights that are renowned around the world. The atmosphere at the dargah is electric every SINGLE time! And you can have the time of your life without shelling out a single paisa!

II. Delhi Drum Circle

Hosted every Sunday, a group of percussionists jam and amaze the crowds surrounding them! Imagine sitting around a group of musicians and falling into infinity as they play some amazing songs. The meeting area and the time are always decided by the group a few days in advance! So, if at all you wish to experience some soulful music on a lazy Sunday, this musical group is just what you’ve been waiting for.

III. Explore Delhi On A Bicycle

Possibly the best way to explore Delhi is to cycle around the roads and by lanes of the city. While there are no cycling tracks in Delhi, you can still find a great number of people cycling around, especially in the Lutyens Delhi area! In fact, there are many cycling groups in Delhi that you can join.

IV. Raahgiri

What started as an initiative to make Gurgaon more accessible and healthy, Raahgiri has grown into a green movement. The event has cycling, running, Zumba, roller skating, yoga, volleyball and badminton—all this in the middle of Connaught Place for free! How cool is that?

V. Lunch At Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

One of the lynchpins of the Sikh community, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib hosts langar on weekends for the all who pass the holy gates of the Gurudwara. Sitting inside a big hall with hundreds of people basking in the infinite glory of god, the lunch here is simple, filling and rather time-consuming since tons of people eat here after paying their respects.

Still feeling broke and cashless with nowhere to go? We’re telling you these 5 things will cost you no money at all and are actually few things everyone can do to make life a tad bit happier!

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