5 Wardrobe Essentials this Winter for You!


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As the famous GOT dialogue goes – winter is coming, well, actually it is here already, and we all know how it is when Dilli ki Sardi knocks our doors. We cannot dress up like Jon Snow with magnanimous fur coats. So, why not ignite the fashionista within and look our best this winter?

I love styling and experimenting with the latest fashion and would love to share few tips that will not only make you look prettier but HOT! 

So, ladies here are the 5 Wardrobe Essentials that you should get yourselves this winter. 

1. Wear Black

The colour black and the season Winter are best friends. It will not only enhance your skin tone but also make you look fabulous.

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2. Most importantly you should own a large number of Flannel Shirts. They are stylish, Chic and sexy and keeps you warm.  You wear it and I bet you will be the talk of your college or even the fellow metro passengers.

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3. We talk of Fashion and forget about Boots?  Seriously? Boots unquestionably makes you look good and haute. 

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Choose from Gum boots, cowboy boots, combat boots, ankle length boots, calves length boots, fringes boots, black, tan, brown. No end to the list. Team them with skinny jeans or winter skirts.

4. Stack up your drawer with lots of Scarves, stoles and mufflers. Play with colours and patterns.  Choose from hound tooth, jacquard, geometrical prints, chequered or the plain Jane ones. 

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5. A bad hair day on a winter morning or washing your hair everyday is troublesome. No problem, I have a hack. Buy a hat and a few caps and switch on your cute mode on. You can buy a bean cap, braided cap or baker’s boy.

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 Now you are all set for a stylish winter my pretty women. 

Stay warm and fashionable.


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