Beat Month End Broke Days At These Restaurants For Or Less Than ₹500!


So, we recently told you about a few great restaurants in CP where you can have the best of meals for under INR 500! Well, CP isn’t the only place where you can head to for a delectable meal at throwaway prices. Toh kahan jaye? Let’s see, there is South Campus, West Delhi, Gurgaon (believe it!) & of course, North Delhi!

30 Second Window:

  • All the restaurants or shops in the listing have an extensive menu of delectable meals that will set your palate on fire & your mouth drooling for more!
  • A full meal at any of these places cost no more than INR 500, don’t believe us? Check the listing!

I. Superstar Cafe, Satyaniketan

Every now & then we all feel like the King of the world, but its not often that we feel like a superstar, unless of course we pass the college exams! Well, all said & done, this great cafe in Satyaniketan will make you feel like a superstar munching on some delectable intercontinental & Italian meals that will make you drool like a boxer pup!


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Well moving on… The small hole in the wall cafe has an extensive menu of burgers, pastas & mixed combos with iced cappuccinos! Yum much? They also have board games, live screenings of various matches, so bunk college ’cause the teacher ain’t your mumma, & head to Superstar Cafe for a brunch!

Ps. They have superstar offer for all the players in town! They’re giving a free sheesha, in accordance with the bill amount & number of people in a group! Also available are Xbox 360 beta ji!

Where: 288, Opposite Venkateswara College, Satyaniketan

Price For Two: INR 500

II. Tee Dee, Majnu Ka Tila

Arre Majnu log! Sorry, arre o pantar lok! Ever been to Tee Dee’s for some authentic Tibetan & Chinese food? Well, set up in an area that screams Tibet, Tee Dee is like a little monk waiting for Delhi to come visit! So, if at all you think the little shop outside your home or college, claiming to sell Tibetan dishes ain’t up to mark, head here mon ami!


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Tee Dee chefs cook some great, non spicy food that will turn even the meanest people into babies crying for more! The best time to visit this small hole in the wall shop is during winters, ’cause how else will you get the real Tibet feeling eh? They might, from time to time, take a while to get your order but the food.. good godly tasty!

Don’t miss out on their pork dishes if you don;t mind going down that path. Also, check out their momos (of course) & some chilly potatoes. We forgot to ask them to make honey chilly potato, but you most certainly can!

Where: Majnu Ka Tila

Price For Two: INR 500

III. Kennedy’s, West Patel Nagar

Hey hey fuchchas! Ever heard of Kennedy’s? The small shop in West Patel Nagar is like the epitome of takeaway food in the area! The small hole in the wall shop can be easily found in the 24×7 crowded area of West Patel Nagar! And the shop is calling all Dilliwalas for a culinary trip to China & the many street dhabas of India!


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Kennedy’s specialises in Butter Chicken Pasta, can you believe it? This is what real mixing of cultures means. Buying a plate of butter chicken thinking about them huge morsels of chikaaaan but actually getting delectable pasta along with it! Can it ever get any better than this? We think not!

So, if the next time your lecturer says, beta define Globalisation, take her/him to Kennedy’s & feed them Butter Chicken Pasta! Oh, don’t forget the shawarma while visiting Ken (as well like to call them). No, nothing to do with Kenny McCormick from South Park! Just Ken, short for Kennedy’s!

Where: B-1, West Patel Nagar

Price For Two: INR 400

IV. Scorpio Cafe, Mayur Vihar Phase II

So, November rain is gone but that doesn’t mean all you Scorpios & well all the other chotu motus can’t enjoy some inter continental food at throwaway prices! Scorpio Cafe, as the name suggest, has a huge Scorpion for a logo, so even from a distance the shop can be easily spotted!

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Their menu full of Italian, pan Asian & Indian street food is delectable to the very core! And the best part? Their menu will not just make you drool, the final bill will rock you off your chairs! Five of us over thee gorged on 4 dishes & only paid 300 bucks! Can you believe that? Of course not, that’s why we’re urging you to check this place out!

The ambience is set by the setting sun, cool winter breeze & some soulful music playing on small speakers in the outdoor seating area! No booze here, but then again you won;t require booze after gorging on them chicken & veggie delights! You’ll need tons of coke to make space for more food! While there, don’t forget to try out their Chicken Pasta in white sauce, Corn & Cheese Sandwich & momos! Oh god those momos! Steamed to perfection & served hot, the sauce will make you go crazy if spicy is what you like!

Where: G-4, Durga Complex, Pocket B, Mayur Vihar Phase 2

Price For Two: INR 400

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you give all these places a try. ‘Cause put together the entire trip to CP will only cost you a few bucks more than a grand!

So, now that you know the secret to a perfect date with your soon to be or already bf/gf or friends & family, head to these 4 food joints soon!

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