This DU College Is Offering A 6 Month Course In Happiness. Say Whattt?

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Our life has become full of stress and every third person in the crowd suffers from depression. Keeping that in mind and to reduce tension among the students, the University of Delhi has decided to offer its students a brand new 6-month course in happiness. Unbelievable, right? Read on to know more.

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Delhi University’s Ramanujan College is all set to offer a 6-month happiness certificate course to the students. The course will be provided by the college’s School of Happiness. Whattt? The course is open to all DU students and students will participate in various activities like yoga, community service and many other activities.

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The course will have a minimal syllabus to reduce the stress and relaxation on attendance will also be given. Though the course is going to be free of cost, the college might charge a nominal amount for transportation for outdoor activities. We think this step is a great move!

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