Have You Tried This Drool Worthy Blueberry Samosa In Krishna Nagar Yet?

Know It All In 30 Seconds

This Samosa Hub in Krishna Nagar offers a range of unique and different kinda mouth-watering samosas that will salivate your mouth fo’sho. Love blueberry cheesecake? Then you have to try this hub’s lip smacking blueberry samosa. Yes, you heard it right! Read On!

samosa hub krishna nagar

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What To Expect?

This samosa outlet plates up innumerable variety of samosas like chocolate samosa, matar samosa, blueberry cheesecake and other crazyy combos of samosas with unique flavors. Cravin’ already?

What You’ll Love?

Dig in this crunchy yummilicious samosa that is loaded with blueberry all inside it. You will experience the goodness of the blueberry flavor as well as the crunchy munchy taste of samosas- all in one. Yasss, rush now!

blueberry samosa

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Bottom Line

Gorge on this crazy blend of samosas that will defo’ satiate your taste buds! Hurry!

Where | Krishna Nagar, New Delhi

When | 3PM – 8PM

Price for Two | ₹100

Location | Here

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