8 Lesser Known Restaurants In Delhi Only True Foodies Know Of!

Without fail, every single Delhiite is a foodie. Whether they choose to eat at high-end restaurants or that one small near their place. Food is in the heart and mind of every Delhiite 24×7. But everyone seems to be talking about the same places again and again. So, we chose to list down a few food joints in town that are hatke. Ones that don’t get to be in the limelight that often.

I. Litti.in

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Where | East of Kailash, Malviya Nagar

Must Eat | Litti Chokha

A purely Bihari cuisine restaurant, Litti.in bags authentic Bihari flavours. And sometimes with a twist too! Most people wouldn’t even notice this place due to its hole in the wall feels! But trust us when we tell you that their food is ah-mazing!

II. The Shim Tur

Where | 2nd Floor, Navrang Guest House, Main Bazaar, Paharganj

Must Eat | Chicken Dup Bop and Jap Chae Bop

The Shim Tur in Paharganj is one of those few places in Paharganj that actually caters to expats of the city. In fact, it’s also pretty famous among lovers of the Korean cuisine. So, if at all you find yourself hanging around Paharganj on a hippie trail, don’t ignore this place!

III. Mizo Diner

Where | 85, Safedunpur, Safdarjung Enclave

Must Eat | Sanpiau, Rawtuai Kan

Masters of North Indian and Tibetan cuisines, Mizo Diner just cannot be ignored. They serve authentic North Indian and Tibetan dishes that simply melt in one’s mouth. These guys are so passionately involved in each of the dish they create that it encapsulates a magical affair.

IV. Pardeep Corner

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Where | 9005, Multani Dhanda Chow, Paharganj

Must Eat | Butter Chur Chur Naan, Lachha Parantha

Possibly one of the most underappreciated little food joints in town, Pardeep Corner is a heavenly place. The good people here serve delicious street food like Chur Chur Naan and Lachha Paranthas. Remember the saying small names always make the most noise? Well, the food here at Pardeep Corner make all the right noises!

V. Koko Restaurant

Photo Courtesy | Akshay Jangra

Where | 1st Floor, House 31, Block 9, Majnu ka Tila

Must Eat | Non-veg Thali (Nepali Speciality)

Traditional Nepali and Tibetan meals served hot, packing wow flavours, Koko Restaurant is a hidden place worth a try! You may not be familiar with the flavours of Nepal or Tibet or trust us, once the food enters your mouth, it literally sings of flavours. Don’t forget to order some beer to go along with your meals!

VI. Rustom’s Parsi Bonu

Where | 94-A/B, Adchini

Must Eat | 3 Course Lunch

A blend of some amazing flavours and beautiful aromatic masalas, the food is clean, simple and yet filling! And that’s exactly what awaits you at Rustom’s Parsi Bonu, an empty stomach to fill and a mind ready to be blown away.

VII. Nagaland’s Kitchen


Where | S-2, Uphaar Cinema Complex, Green Park Extension Market

Must Eat | Vegetable Thai Spring Roll, Spicy Basil Chicken

At first, you might think that the place only offers authentic meals from Nagaland. But it’s just so much more than that! You can try their Thai cuisine and even hog on their sushis! You may not trust the sushi while ordering it, but it’s still worth a try!!

VIII. Kit Kat Kitchens

Where | Shop 10, Nizamuddin East Market

Must Eat | Chilly Lamb, Stir Fry Vegetables Baby Corn

Kit Kat Kitchens is a traditional street food joint! Nestled in the East Nizamuddin Market, the place delivers delectable meals at fairly good prices. In fact, if you get space, you can even park your car outside and order your meals!

So, are you going to these places for a meal that will surely blow your mind away? We know we are!!

Cover Image Courtesy | Shashank Aggarwal

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