A Bill To Legalise Marijuana Has Been Cleared For Parliament And Internet Is Losing It!

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An MP from Patiala had introduced a bill earlier this year to end the ‘drug war’! According to sources, he called for legislation of certain natural intoxicants like marijuana and opium. The bill was cleared by the legislative branch of Parliament. And it will be introduced as a Private Member’s Bill in the winter session of Parliament!

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According to current rules on smoking pot, a person found in possession of marijuana can be jailed without question. The proposed changes seek to enable medically supervised and state-regulated supply of traditionally used natural drugs. Studies suggest that a whopping 88% of the drug-related arrests in India account for drug users. And not directly related to the illegal drug trade. In fact, 2% of all arrests are of traffickers and distributors. None of which were of financiers or of those running the drug trade at a large scale.

So, does this mean we’re heading in a progressive direction? You be the judge!

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