#Airpocalypse There’s A Quit Delhi Movement Brewing In Town!

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Since air pollution levels have worsened in Delhi, many have started shifting their base! Sure, for many of us Delhi is the city that gave us everything! From work opportunities to a humble home, schooling to college graduation – the city has always been a bubbling pot of energy.¬†Yet, a cloud of bad air looms over the city. And you wouldn’t believe how many flock hospitals on a daily basis due to breathing problems.

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So, what started as a small thingstill nebulous in nature‘Quit Delhi Movement’ is slowly picking up! Mayur from the hit show Rocky and Mayur was quoted saying –

“It was not easy to uproot ourselves. I was leaving a house I’d stayed in since 1976, which I shared with my parents.”

The air pollution in Delhi also threatened many expats and professionals who questioned the need to stay in Delhi. Wait, let us rearticulate the last sentence! Many have started asking questions like the Delhi-born artist Deepikah Bharadwaj.

“You have to choose whether you want to make a lot of money or have a good, healthy life.”

However, even with this new movement growing, the government is doing its bit in controlling the AQI (air quality index) of Delhi. Which, by the way, had risen to 703 Рthe most harmful pollutant, PM 2.5!

So, what we’re saying is this – Delhi has given us everything. And now, it needs us. So, make use of carpool systems, public transport and help bring back the air quality to normal. Ultimately, a city is not built using bricks and mortar. It is built by its inhabitants. And we, all of us, are Delhi!

Read more about the Quit Delhi Movement here.

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