An All New Jazz Bar Has Hit Town And The Place Is LIT AF!

Apart from all the Jazz restro-bars in town, The Bar Cat is the all-new Jazz bar in the city. The place has a story to tell as you enter the place. The interiors are very classy and chic. It is a combination of black, white and wine colours which look very classy. The restaurant is majorly inspired by the 1920’s alcohol ban in The United States. They have a gallery with pictures and behind each picture, there is a story.

30 Second Window:

  • The place attracts a very niche and chic crowd. They have a beautiful bar and a small stage to host live performances.
  • The Bar Cat has an impressive service. The waiters knew the menu well and also the ingredients used in each of their dishes. Also, they informed us on the combination in which the dishes are to be eaten.
  • Packing a diverse menu, The Bar Cat has some amazing Italian and other European cuisines. Don’t miss their Mushroom & Spinach Tree, Crumb Toasted Butterfly Tiger Prawn and Wild Mushroom Risotto.

  • Speaking of drinks, they have some really interesting mocktails which have a unique taste to it. Their must-haves are ‘Dumb Dora’ and ‘Panama Mama’.

  • For all the dessert lovers, you must try ‘Trio of Brulee’. It’s an orangy, chocolaty heaven. It is like a blast of several flavours in your mouth.





DforDelhi Recommends:

  • They have a small gallery with pictures from 1920’s when liquor was banned in the USA. They look very elegant and complement the retro backdrop of the restaurant.
  • The plating of food is out of the world. The way the food comes out of the kitchen is very impressive.
  • It’s a perfect place for dinner dates. They have an amazing collection of jazz music which mellows the atmosphere and gives it a very sophisticated look.

Want to experience the new jazz hub in town? Visit now!

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