#ATMNotWorking: Here Is An Application To Solve All Your ATM Woes


If you like standing in serpentine lines outside ATMs, that sometimes work & mostly don’t. Don’t use this application. But if you would rather wait it out & search for a way to know some ATMs near you that work, use this online application.

This anonymous application uses real time mapping to show all the listed functioning ATMs, & data about the line outside it.

It’s as simple as…

  • Typing in your location.
  • Choosing from one of the options provided.
  • Waiting for the application to collate data provided by other users in line.
  • And relax instead of going crazy over standing in line for hours, so what do you think?

The application also, only uses a few K/bs of data thereby keeping things cheap for the average person.

So, here’s the link to the application we’ve been bragging about


& try saving yourself headache & pasina!

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