Delhi Jal Board Plans 6 New Artificial Water Bodies To Curb Water Shortage

Artificial Water Bodies

Water is an essential part of everyone’s lives, but Delhi’s depleting levels of ground water has been giving problems. In order to curb the shortage of water across the city, Delhi Jal Board has decided to establish 6 new artificial water bodies!

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These water bodies will be added in the south-west, west & eastern parts of the city. The 2 water bodies will spread across 35 acres & will be developed in Dwarka. Further, they will add a whopping 10-15 million gallons per day to Delhi’s water production.

Similarly, 4 extra water bodies will be developed in Rithala, Rohini, Nilothi & Kondli.

The treated water of the sewage treatment plants will then be diverted to the water bodies. The moves promises to help increase the groundwater level but also add to the scenic beauty!

So, hold on to your hooves & fret not for water!

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