Let’s Do ‘Bar Talk’ To Create Awareness #WomenSafetyOnPeak

Bar Talk

In a bid to create awareness on women safety and to prevent drunk driving among pub goers, Delhi Police launched a digital ‘Bar Talk‘ initiative. 25 premium bars in the city now have 150 dynamic digital displays which will relay messages on perils of drunk driving and the women safety app ‘HIMMAT’, thus enabling the cops to communicate with the socially active population on real-time basis.

30 Second Window:

  • With this unique display network, Delhi Police can now easily reach out and communicate with the socially active population in the city on real-time basis.
  • Bar Talk is the most modern intra-net facility that will act like an extended WhatsApp group involving participants to connect to it through Wi-Fi by using their smartphones.
  • The founders of ‘Bar Talk’ Gautam Bhirani and Amit Bagga took this initiative against cases of drink and drive.
  • ‘Himmat,’ application will be offering reward points to women who download it for the first time. The new users will be offered reward points or discount offers at selected outlets in the city!

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • This initiative is surely a great step towards keeping the ‘mahila sanghatan’ – females of our country SAFE & SOUND!

So, are we taking a step toward a better life? We think so!

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