These Are The Most Popular Swear Words Delhites Can’t Finish A Sentence Without!

These Are The Most Popular Swear Words Delhites Can't Finish A Sentence Without!

There’s something about cussing in Hindi that gives Delhi people immense satisfaction. It manages to convey just the right amount of viciousness mixed with a calm and relaxed attitude. We ‘Dilli People’ use all sort of cuss words – words that we cannot stay without and enjoy using them. And sometimes, we do mean those words and use it very often, be it at home, with friends, at work or simply wandering here and there. And other city people actually judge us by saying, “Dilli people are so cheesy, they don’t know how to talk!”

30 Second Window:

  • Dilli ke log are very different people, fighting or not fighting – they will use cuss words like ‘bc’ ‘teri m** ki’ ‘tere muh pe ****sand ayega’ .. etc etc!
  • Dilliwalas have a language that is their own. We have our own version of rhyming slang such as kebab-shabab, daaru-shaaru, uncle-wuncle. You call it AIIMS, we call it Medical, Delhi Zoo is chidiya ghar, and anything east of Delhi is ‘Jamuna paar’ (across the Yamuna).
  • Living in the capital city means that you have an entirely different lingo. No Mumbaiyya slang for you; you have your own set of Delhi lingo and you absolutely love them. If you live in Delhi, we bet these 10 words are what you use in everyday conversations. Give it a read!!

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Bhasad – Chaos or a mess

If Dilli people get into a quarrel, this word is often used by Dilli hoomans. Talking to autowalas about fare like “kya bhasad hai bhai tujhe!” Talking to a friend and if that friend has done something wrong is “zindagi mein kya bhasad hai?”

Gedi maarna – Time pass on the streets.

‘Gedi maarne chal raha hai?’ Yes, a Punjabi word ‘Geddi’ that means strolling on the streets on the two-wheeler/four-wheeler with your pals and enjoying to the fullest! Every Delhi person knows the meaning of gedi maarna!

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BC – Can’t write the full form, we all know it.

We dilli people know this word and we swear on it, we use it, we eat it and we drink this word. Even in nini (sleep) we use this word. Be it at home, party, work, toilet we use this word like anything. Dilli people cannot forget using this word in any of their conversations, “Arre, lunch ka time ho gaya bc” or “bc kya kar raha hai?” and “bc kya khana hai?”

Jugaad – A frugal and innovative solution.

Karle Jugaad karle, karle koi jugaad! Watched Fukrey? The movie is best if you want get inside a Delhite’s head! And the song, Jugaad is actually the real and true song for Delhi people. We can make any work or do any sort of work if we have jugaad with us. Want to take an admission in a college, a job if we have jugaad, everything will be sorted and done at that moment itself.

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Totta – Sexy!

Eye-Candy is so much of English for many Dilli guys, so what they do or say is ‘totta’ – “Waah yaar dekh, kya totta ja rahi hai!” “Tottta lag rahi hai suit mein, Kya totta ladki hai yaar, mazza aa gaya bc.” This word cannot be ignored by many girls as well, being a girl – we also use this word often.

Chul – An elongated feeling of aggravation.

Ladki beautiful kar gayi chul, yes yes, it is our word – we love this word! We have chul to go to a place, to eat and drink and to see totta girls, etc. Guys in Delhi use this word as if they cannot stay without this word, chul kis baat ki tujhe? kya chul machaiye hui hai? kya bhai, kya chal kya hai tere ko bc? You see, our chul to write this post? Haha!

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Tope – A person who is at a high level.

If you want your work to be done, just call your Tope/Topchi friend and get it done. Or maybe his father would be a tope! So, chill in life if you have a tope friend or somebody at your home. We dilli people surely need tope people in our lives, uske bina toh guzzara bhi nahi hoga.

Chep – A person who sticks to you for no reason.

Chep kyu ho raha hai? Chal na chep na ho! Chup kar bey bc, chep na ho! Sticky people in metro, even if they do not wish to stick to you, still they would and you’ll say, chep na ho yaar, badi garmi hai. But get chep to this blog, read, comment and share as much!

Banda/bandi – Typical way calling a guy/gal.

The best way to call your girlfriend/boyfriend as your banda and bandi. Arrey yaar, teri bandi toh phone pe hai. If you want to give compliments to a girl also you’d just say, “Yaar ye bandi toh totta lag rahi hai” – we dilli people just love such words! Kya kare adaat se majboor hai hum log.

Tagda – Awesome

Scene set? Booze ready? Oh yes, “tagda scene hai boss, chal party mein” – yes, this word is something which can be used anywhere and anytime and in any sentence. Tagdi dress hai, tagdi line lagi hui hai metro mein, do you really think you cannot use this word? No, right! Use and obviously we Dilli people love using such words.

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DforDelhi Recommends:

  • Desi Dilliwalo, you all use these words and now do not shy away in saying yes as we all are very familiar with such terms and we all are proud of using these ‘shabd’. Use, flaunt and be proud Dilliwala!!

What do you think? Did we do justice to all the words we Delhites use in every sentence?

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