Get Your Hands On the Most Beautiful Saree At This Saree Store In The Nooks Of Shankar Market!

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If you live upon the Chanderi, Cotton and similar fabrics, then you ought to head to this place rn! Jain Saree Centre in the heart of Delhi is a house for beautiful sarees you wonder to buy one day. As the name suggests, the shop has an aesthetically amah-zing collection of sarees. Now, if you’re thinking of popping-up at this place then READ ON!

jain saree center

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What To Expect?

Nestled in the nooks of Cannaught place, the shop does sarees in Kota, Chanderi, Maheshwari sarees collection. Also, if you are too selective at your choices, then we bet that you’ll fo sho” get something, if not too many.

What You’ll Love?

The saree center may speak off sarees, but they have a fine collection for ethnic suit pieces. The most common fabric that you’ll find here is Cotton, Kota, Chanderi, mulmul, and Maheshwari. We really love the cotton fabrics that they give per meter.

jain saree center

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Bottom Line

So c’mon guys and live by their prints!

Where |  Shankar Market, Near Super Bazar, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Location | Here

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