Hog On Piping Hot Home-Style Keema Mutton With Unlimited Rotis At This Shop In Sadar Bazar

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If you’re a non-vegetarian, you’ve surely encountered those insane cravings when mom used to cook mutton curry with the intoxicating aroma of desi ghee spanning out all around the house. Well, it’s time to revive the homely charm by cramming down authentic keema mutton curry served with unlimited hath-ki-roti at this dainty roadside meat counter in Sadar Bazaar.

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What To Expect?

Ashok & Ashok Meat, Sadar Bazaar was named after two friends who started the shop in 1984. If you’ve got a fetish for home-cooked chicken and mutton dishes, then this place is gonna steal your heart away. Peeps out here serve mutton only on Mondays and Wednesdays, on prior booking. So, make sure you book your plates earlier. The city has many meat dhabas with the same name, but this one is the original, with another of its branch in Paschim Vihar.

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What You’ll Love?

Be it desi ghee chicken or desi ghee meat, you’re gonna nom away every bit of their food with utter gusto. You can also enjoy spicy, tempting biryani here, that too infused with desi ghee. The shop prefers to use traditional angeethi over microwave or any other modern cookware to retain the original flavours of its dishes.

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Bottom Line

If you aren’t heading here, you’re defo missing out on the best meat in town. Rush here ASAP with your squad to have a feast to remember!

Where | Plot No 5820/42, Sadar Bazar, Delhi – 110006, Subhash Chowk, Near Sadar Thana

When | 1 P.M. To 4 P.M.

Price | ₹500 to ₹1000

Location | Here

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