Get Ready To Catch Shabana Azmi Live On Stage At ‘Spotlight’ on 27th July, Siri Fort Auditorium

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Delhi is home to one of the finest theatre artists in the country. It is not just because theatres in Delhi have better facilities or mentors but through centuries, street play or theatre has become an inseparable part of Delhi’s culture. *drum rolls* Delhi Theatre Festival’s ‘Spotlight’ again is all set to introduce Dilliwaalas with its theatre show ‘Broken Images’ starring the magnificent Shabana Azmi.

What Is ‘Broken Images’ All About?

Broken Images is a story about two sisters. One of them is an intellectually brilliant paraplegic and the other is a plodding writer. Both the sisters live under the same roof, are dependent on each other, but inhabit different emotional as well as linguistic worlds, English and Hindi.

The arrangement is fraught, because as they respond to life together, and separately, they continually modify the image they have of each other and the world around.

What You’ll Love?

It’s a double retreat when you know Shabana Azmi plays the role of both the sisters. She also mentioned that it is one of the most challenging roles of her career. The play is directed by Padma Shri Alyque Padamsee, written by Padma Bhushan Girish Karnad and presented by Alchemist Live.

Bottom Line

Where else will you get to witness Shabana Azmi live and at her best than the biggest theatre celebration in the country, Spotlight?

When | 27 Jul – 28 Jul

Where | Siri fort Auditoirum (Delhi) and Orana Conventions (Gurugram)

Tickets | Buy Here

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