In Love With Quoted Tees? Shop The Quirkiest T-Shirt Dress From This Store In Shahpur Jat!

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The sticky Monsoon always calls for some easy-breezy clothes that let the air to pass-in! We know that your eyes keep on finding flowy dresses, PJ Pants, and skirts. So, we are taking you right at the paradise of breathable-clothing place with a twist of quirkiness. Red Sister Blue, a mini boutique in Shahpur Jat has a unique variety in Khadi! So let’s head to the house of breathable collection.

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What To Expect?

If your heart swears by boxy 70s and 80s dresses that have quirky quotes, then you need perhaps need to pen down the deets. This gemstone in Shahpur Jat has undoubtedly shown us the future of Khadi dresses, with their Khadi dresses, Khadi pants, Khadi Pants, Khadi Pallazos, and whatnot.

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What You’ll Love?

If you were always wanting to make your baby girl wear beautiful frocks with a quirk of vogue, then don’t afraid to take them along you!

Bottom Line

Go ahead and buy the statement collection for yourself and your baby girl!

Where | 5-C, 1st Floor, Dada Jungi House Lane, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi

Location | Here

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