Best locations to play PokemonGo in Delhi NCR! Gotta Catch’Em All!


PokemonGo has taken the entire world by surprise. This international game has turned individuals bonkers and the fever has only been spreading and it just doesn’t seem to cease. Since the inception of this game, it has gained millions of followers and teenagers and adults specially have been hooked to it ever since. Parks, gardens and places of interest are usually seen with people on their phones trying to catch some ‘rare’ pokemon. There have been fights and riots and what not but it hasn’t stopped the world population from pursuing their ‘becoming the poke-master’ dream. Even though this GPS built game hasn’t been launched in India, it hasn’t stopped the Indians from playing it. There is news that people abroad are selling their Level 30 accounts and others are actually buying it since its not an easy task to reach such a level in the game. There have been numerous accidents pertaining to  PokemonGo but it hardly seems to bother the gentry anymore. In the end, you gotta do what you gotta do. Right? You know since we care, it is our very duty to help our dear folks. Here’s a list of all the places with abundance of pokemons and pokestops. You guys might actually even come across some rare pokemons here. Plan a poke hunting trip this weekend cause its definitely worth it! Its a request to everyone reading this post, please do not drive and play. Safety comes before anything and I’m sure you’d really not want to risk your life over a game.  (Also, you can thank us later)
pokemon go

There’s a plethora of locations in Delhi NCR to play PokemonGo but these places that have been listed here will not disappoint a single soul. Come to any of these places for a nice monsoon evening and enjoy playing this brilliant game. As i said, you might even catch some rare ones here. These are the locations according to us which will have the maximum number of pokemons and pokestops. Oh yes, and Gym’s too. If you think there might be more interesting places, do let us know!

  1. Deer Park
  2. Hauz Khas Fort
  3. Hauz Khas Village
  4. Nehru Park
  5. Lodhi Garden
  6. Cybercity
  7. India Gate
  8. Connaught Place


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