Top 10 places in Delhi you can order food from after midnight

“MIDNIGHT CRAVINGS” is something we can all relate to. The solution to it is easier than we think,it’s easier than making Maggie,the solution is just a call away. So here DforDelhi Presents to you Top 10 Places you can order food from after 12 AM.


This is the perfect place for some sandwiches and rolls ,as the name says you’ll munch up the food in no time. Even the packaging here is impressive.

Price– INR 350 for two approx

Location – Model Town

Contact– +91 8447600527

Timing– 10 pm – 6 am


This place isn’t disappointing you as the food here is good but with the food they also deliver some basic medicines,contraceptives,tampons and also diapers.The best part about all of this is that everything is sold at M.R.P it’s just the delivery charges you need to pay.

Price – INR 500 for two people (approx)

Location–  Punjabi Bagh

Contact – 011 65450008

Timing – 8 pm – 4 am


Delivering food at your doorstep isn’t an easy job,so the name midnight heroes is wisely chosen.You can also avail discounts if you order online.The burgers and salads are in good quantity and are filling enough to cure your midnight cravings.

Price– INR 950 for two (approx)

Location – All over Delhi

Contact– 011-6580-6580

Timing – 8 pm – 5 am


Slice of Italy is a place famous for it’s slices of pizza and the desserts,cakes here are something you cannot afford to miss.  What can be better than pizza to fill your hungry stomach at night.

Price – INR 1000 for two (approx)

Location– All over Delhi

Contact– 011 41000959/969

Timing – Till 1 am


They have a wide menu covering salads, soups, starters, pastas, pizzas, steaks, sandwiches, burgers, breakfast boxes, shakes, shawarmas. What else can you even think of ordering in the odd hours to satisfy your tummy’s hunger .This is the place for the people who love spicy food.

Price– INR 1000 for two(approx)

Location – across South Delhi

Contact– 01133107563

Timing – 10 am – 4 am


This place is famous for it’s burgers.They have an extensive and interesting menu. You can try the peri peri lamb burger and crispy chicken butterfly, Cajun spiced chicken burger and for the people who eat beef,They serve beef burgers too.This place is a must try.

Price – INR 1300 for two (approx)

Location– all over Delhi

Contact– 7042218686/18787

Timing– 7 pm – 4 am


If you’re a South Park fan,you must have heard this name before.The food here is neatly packed, so you don’t have to worry about the hygiene, BBQ Chicken Wings and Spaceship Supreme Pizza are a must try.

Price – INR 600 for two (approx)

Location – Jasola Vihar, Alaknanda

Contact– 011 33105217

Timing– 8 pm – 4 am


The pun in their name has something that automatically attracts you,the mutton Boti Kebab tastes amazing and the burgers and the sandwiches are filled with lettuce as they stick to their name.

Price– INR 900 for two (approx)

Location – Chattarpur

Contact– 011 26805050

Timing- 7 pm – 3 am


Dal maalgadi, dal makhani and chilli paneer are a must try here,the food is delivered in time if you stay in Gurugram. This place can be tried as the quantity and the taste both are good.

Price– INR 600 for two (approx)

Location – Shushant lok, Gurugram

Contact– 01133105253

Timing – 12 pm – 3 am


This place is known for it’s amazing pizza’s . The Heisenburg pizza is a must try here,they deliver your food fast and don’t keep you waiting for really long time.

Price – INR 600 for two (approx)

Loaction – GkI

Timing – 12 pm – 4 am

Contact – 01149052050-2060


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