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vada pav

Vada Pav is no longer limited to Mumbai stalls alone. With its ever-growing popularity, this delicious Maharashtrian dish has gone up the menu of some of the most trendy restaurants in the country’s capital.

Definitely, we cant compete with nostalgia of the eateries at Marine Drive, but we surely get you some truly excellent Vada Pav. So, all you Mumbaikars who have been cribbing about our beloved Chole Bhature, we bring to you list of 10 fantastic places you can grab a bite every time you start missing the food from home.

1. Goli Vada Pav No. 1

Goli Vada Pav No.1 is a popular fast-food chain famous for their delicious Vada Pav platter in the true Bombay style. Their menu has most of Mumbai’s best snacks- Vada pav, Tikkis, Bhajjis, Samosas, but the all time favourites of most customers is the Goli Aloo Tikki Pav, a blend of mash potatoes and spiced cutlet placed between buttery buns, served with tomato chutney and the  Goli Samosa Pav, a dough ball with potato, peas and spices’ filling..

Location: Safdarjung; Malviya Nagar; Gurgaon; Faridabad

Price: Rs 50/plate

vada pav 1


2. Farzi Café

Farzi Café is known for its innovative fusion of Indian foods. And their Vada Pav is one-of-a-kind, it tastes best drizzled with the garlic mint chutney.

Served along with is fried-sev bhujia, and  fried green-chillies that enhance its flavor profile. This modern Indian bistro aims to bring Indian cuisine back in-vogue which is rightfully does with its contemporary presentation, culinary style and ambience.

Location: Connaught Place; Cyber Hub- Gurgaon

Price: 2200 for two people.

vada pav 2


3. Monkey Bar

Monkey Bar is known for its quirky menu with food from across India.  The Mumbai Vada Pav, prepared with onions and poppy seeds, and served with Laadi Pav and spicy vada needs to be in your mouth – now.

Location: Vasant Kunj; Connaught Place

Price: Rs 160/plate

vada pav 3


4. Soda Bottle Opener Wala

This is an informal Irani-style cafe with a menu of Parsi specialities and Bombay street food. Undoubtedly, their Vada Pav, served with fried green chilli and a dash of salt, and the most soft and spicy potatoes, is one of the best in India.

Location: Cyber City- Gurgaon

Price: Rs 80/plate

vada pav 4


5. Shiv Sagar

Shiv Sagar, primarily known for serving authentic Bombay street food at reasonable rates, serves Vada Pav with a mixture of mustard seeds, curry leaves, poppy seeds and red chilli powder, along with garlic chutney, ghati masala and salted chillies.

Location: Janpath- New Delhi

Price: Rs 120/plate

vada pav 5


6. Chaayos

Vada Pav at Chaayos, which delicately serves Bombay street food which is simple and authentic. The taste of Vada Pav are similar to those served at the local stations of Mumbai. The Vada Pav here is served with the hand-made mint chutney, salted chillies and ghati masala.

Location: SDA Market (Opposite IIT Delhi Main Gate) – New Delhi; DLF Cyber City- Gurgaon

Price: Rs 70/plate

vada pav 6


7. Jhakkas Pav Bhaji Wala

Jhakkas Pav Bhaji Wala serves brioche-inspired, buttery dough Vada Pavs in the city at very economical prices. Savour the same addictive street food flavour at truly reasonable prices.

Location: Rohini sector 7- New Delhi

Price: Rs 40/plate

vada pav 7


8. Maharashtra Food Stall

Yet another jewel in Dilli Haat’s crown, the Maharashtra Food Stall is a delight for Vada Pav lovers.  The regular Mumbai-style Batata Vada Pav is said to be authentic in taste. Bread buns are used instead of the Pavs for their Vada Pav.

Location: Stall No. 20- Dilli Haat- New Delhi

Price: Rs 120/plate

vada pav 8


9. Rollmaal

Rollmaal outlets serve delicious Mumbai street food that would give the Mumbai-wala nostalgia. The Vada Pav served here is mouthwatering-ly delicious. The Bandra Vada Pav is amazing, and bread buns with wild garlic butter are exquisite.

Location: Sarojini Nagar, Malviya Nagar, Kailash Colony,Gurgaon, Noida

Price: Rs 40/plate

vada pav 9


10. Mumbai, Culture Gully, Kingdom of Dreams

Not just authentic flavours with green chillies and chutney but also their life-sized model of Mumbai’s local train and an enormous cut-out of the Victoria Terminus will remind you of your city in the Mumbai section of the Culture Gully.

Location: Gurgaon Sector 29

Price: Rs 120/plate

vada pav 10



Vada Pav – simple, filling, delicious, very comforting and nostalgic – is a total winner amid the street food of Mumbai. Bon appétit!

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