Thumbs Up! Aviation Ministry To Introduce Biometric Screenings At IGI

Biometric Screenings

Living in a SMART world makes things easy? You bet! Aviation Ministry has mandated biometric screenings for identification at airports. Including our neighbourhood friendly Indra Gandhi International Airport! Who could have guessed that eh?

Your thumb will soon be all the documentation required to enter an airport. Also, once the government is able to achieve this the second phase might see you flash your thumb to board the aircraft. At least for domestic flights.


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While it may sound as science fiction, the aviation ministry has already started work on the first part. Hyderabad airport successfully completed a pilot project on using biometric identification for allowing entry into the terminal there.

In India over a billion Aadhar cards have been issued so far. But the time of issuing these cards, biometrics, fingerprints & iris scans are taken & fed into a national digital registry. Currently, everyone must show their air tickets along with relevant identity proof.

But soon, travellers will be able to press their thumb for biometric identification; enter terminals & board domestic flights. For international flights passports will be needed.

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