Bread N More: More Punjabi Bagh: A new destination for the sweet tooth in West Delhi


Bread and More Punjabi Bagh, is a charming little bakery located in the main market of Club Road, North Avenue. It isn’t too hard to find if you are really looking for it, otherwise you might just pass it by and not realize.
The first thing to notice about it is that despite being small it has an outdoor seating area that can accommodate 6-7 people and can be a really good spot if the weather plays along. The outdoor seating area itself will give you an idea of what the interiors and decor are going to be like. Vintage British, and they have successfully carried out the theme throughout the whole establishment.The interiors give you a pleasant and clean look of how the British bakeries would’ve looked back in the day.

The most important part of  bakery is the hygiene and the aroma and they were really on point at this small bakery.
The food looked as delicious as it tasted and was displayed neatly so you can choose your indulgence. We were briefed about the specials and the new additions in the menu and then started the extravaganza of food that’s enough for your week’s calorie intake!
We started off with the new Veg Quiche which was filled with acceptable amount of cheese along with finely chopped veggies, mainly onions and topped with a tomato. The taste was unmistakably Italian. The plain croissant was perfectly baked and the centre was soft and buttery just as it should be.
The onion pizza (not the standard Italian pizza) was a snack-sized fast food pizza with a bread base and shredded mozzarella on top of onions and sauce. Something you can get off the shelf and eat on the go as well! Similar was the onion cheese puff which was slightly spicier than what we had yet. It wasn’t a cheese dripping monster but a rather regular snack with spicy onion filling.

Out of the range of pastries, Opera seemed a rather unusual and signature name and the flavors stood up to the intriguing name. Three layers each of chocolate, almond and coffee were a delightful combination! It was a melt-in-mouth indulgence that would make even calorie conscious drool. Talking about calorie conscious, the Napoleon is bound to give them nightmares! Filled (read loaded!) with cheese and topped with caramel this pastry can easily replace a small meal. The soft cheese sandwiched between crisp layers topped with loads of caramel will make you forget the diet plan your trainer gave you!

To break the too-much-chocolate chain, try the new lemon bon bon that’s solid and sweet from outside and tangy and soft from inside! It’s a small lip smacking break from the usual chocolatey sweets. I loved the way sweet and tangy tastes were perfectly balanced into such a small treat. Complementing it with the chocolate bon bon is probably the best decision you will make that fine day!

And as they say, always save the best for the last. Get a fresh cappuccino and order the most colorful macarons  you see, I bet you won’t be disappointed. Each one of them has a different twist to their taste and you only regret the ones you didn’t eat! The raspberry one has a chocolate filling, the lemon raspberry isn’t just a pretty yellow sweet and the red velvet isn’t like the cupcakes you’ve had yet! But the one that really stood out and stole the show was the new Salty Caramel Macaron! The macaron is salty from the outside and filled (not loaded, and thankfully!) with caramel. It is an absolute delight of perfectly balanced unique flavors! All of it served fresh on plates that match the interior by a staff that was very welcoming and efficient. The prices are well worth the indulgence and the servings are wholesome.
Baba Mojito - Bread & More
Definitely an unusual bakery and not just to take away a wide range of cakes but also to spend an evening full of tasty delights or frequent for your daily coffee! They also have a wide range of fresh delicious breads that you can take home. Do ask them for the new additions like the Quiche and Baba Mojito and their specials like Opera. Definitely worth visiting more than once ( you can’t eat all that stuff at once anyway!).

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