Delhi Airport To Continue Stamping Cabin Baggage!

Cabin Baggage

With the holiday season on, CISF has mandated that the one week trial run of ‘no stamping cabin baggage’ at IGI will no longer be in effect. CISF ended the one-week trial run at IGI Airport following which passengers had their cabin baggage tags stamped. Friday onward, the Airport will bring back its tag stamping clearance.

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However, the move is likely to return post January 26th.

30 Second Window:

  • Due to congestion at the Delhi airport clearance of passengers took more time than mandated window, resulting in in the trial run’s cancellation.
  • The week long trial run ended recently, but it will be implemented again post January 26.


  • Mostly if a traveller is asked to open a bag post scanning, others wait in line to get their bags stamped.
  • Now, if one passenger gets stopped, others can move on to the boarding gate after security check. The move will benefit the passenger & at no point, security will be compromised.

So, cooperate with the CISF with their next trial run & save yourself time & patience.

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