Join Kunzums Travel Cafe In Gurgaon For A Warm Christmas Celebration

How about spending Christmas with lots of bonding and warmth this time? The newly launched Kunzums Travel Cafe is hosting a warm evening in Gurgaon surrounded by music, food, people and bonfire. Join the Kunzums for music, coffee and potluck this Christmas.

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What To Expect?

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Expect only GOOD VIBES when at the Kunzums cafe! The cafe is all new and it’s the best place to hide in peace amidst the hustle of the Gurgaon city. Amongst the book-corner, stacked with art and bonfire to keep you warm is sure to give one hell of a Christmas experience.

What You’ll Love?

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The evening has a lot to offer and there’s not one thing about it you won’t love. There are arrangements for food trucks parked outside the cafe where you can order and pay on the counter as you enjoy the warmth. The celebration has a homely feel to it as you can potluck and brings some home-made savories along with you!

Bottom Line

It’s so much fun when Christmas comes to town right? Kunzums is all set to take the fun a notch higher.

When I 25th December 2018. 4:00pm – 8:00 pm

Where I Kunzum Travel Cafe
A40, Kibithu Villas Complex, Sector 47, Gurugram.

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