The Colossal Cineplex: Superplex

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PVR cinemas, one of the most trusted, reliable and renowned movie theatres in the country is throwing the biggest ever party for the movie buffs in the National capital region. It has launched its magnum opus, its colossal Cineplex, Superplex! Superplex houses 15 premium screens at the Logix City Center, Sector 32, Noida.

After crossing the 500-screen benchmark, PVR cinemas have yet again reached another benchmark by launching its super creation, which is the largest multiplex in North India! This Superplex aims at quenching the cinema thirst of exactly 1544 moviegoers all at once. Housing worlds top notch picture formats, PVR Superplex offers one IMAX screen, one 4-DX screen, nine mainstream screen and two of them with Dolby Atmos, three Gold Class screens and one Playhouse. Highlighting launch of the first IMAX in North India, PVR cinemas are making a revolutionary change in the multiplex history of North India.

The Playhouse being the most eminent feature of this enormous Cineplex is a special screen made especially to cater to the needs of kids and youngsters. The auditorium will have half dim light, brighter lighting as compared to other formats, cartoon characters both on and off screen, special beanbag seats and even a slide for a perfect entertaining environment.

This concept of Superplex is not new, not even in India as Cinepolis has a 14-screen property in Thane and a 15-screen property in Pune. The distinction of a Superplex from normal multiplexes is that it gives the dedicated cinema lovers to catch up with old movies which that had missed, for instance a month old movie may still possibly have a show or two in such super Cineplex. This not only gives the movies a longer spree in the movie theatres but also ensures that all categories of moviegoers are satisfied.

Logix City Center will not only house Superplex but is also a shopping hub. Covering 6 acres of land it aims at providing a one-stop destination in the heart of Noida city. Constructed at a mind-boggling cost of rupees 1000 crore, Logix City Center will provide not only have high end brands but also affordable fashion stores such as MAX and Pantaloons, also the Gaming Avenue is a soft play recreational zone for the kids and youth with bowling alleys, PS3, PS4 consoles etc. Also, this Hypercity has world-class cafés, lounges and fine dining areas to complete the package.

Superplex is a superb idea and will certainly provide a further refined and sophisticated experience of watching cinema and its launch, which was a star-studded affair speaks for itself.


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