All Aboard The Das Tour! Vir Das Is Coming To Delhi To Tickle Our Senses!

Where | KD Jadhav IGI Stadium

When | 11th February

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For all ye free-spirited peeps and laughter challengers – Vir Das is coming to tickle your senses! Can keep yourself from laughing even once, just once, god – you’re one serious,¬†khadoos uncle eh? Because his jokes are legendary and his quirky nature is an absolute pleasure to get a hang of, you must go for his joke-athon!

If comedy, like Vir Das says, is your life’s soundtrack – then this funny concert will be your keepsake CD! And while not many details are out, we’re hoping that he will also bring his band along.

And, hey, we aren’t done giving you all the deets! ‘Cause what’s coming next will drive you INSANE!

Wanna meet Vir Das up close & in person? Get this, a select (exclusive) ticket will let you meet comedian. Maybe, while he’s on stage but DEFO backstage!

Oh, did we mention that the same ticket also gets you a Free Boarding Das Kit? Isn’t that just amazing?

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