Cook Up Magic As Food Cures Your Writer’s Block At This Event.

Addressing all writers out there. How many times have you observed that good food, maybe something sweet has drastically improved your mood and in turn helped you get out of a writer’s block? If you just gave a wry smile to yourself and nodded, we know we have your attention. Imagine an event where you get to meet new people, talk to them about your block, cook some Haleem together, and get over that crisis you’ve been facing. Doesn’t that sound just crazy amazing?

What To Expect At This Event?

Following tradition, the Haleem will be cooked in a large pot, with everyone collectively contributing. But that’s not where it ends, for the Haleem will also serve as a stimulus for poetry and expression in a workshop led by the host, that draws from the culture of collective cooking. Haleem is a popular Hyderabadi dish, similar to a porridge of wheat or barley, vegetables and is typically contains minced meat. It has its roots in the Middle East and the first recipe for it dates back to the 10th Century! The haleem will be vegetarian so that everyone can take part equally without dietary restrictions.

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What You’ll Love About The Event?

Everyone brings something to the table apart from bringing some grains of their own. Poems, pieces of writing, stories, and whatever you want to share with people. You huddle around the pot and begin to chop, chop together, all while taking in the rich history of the practice and share stories with one another. The whole evening and experience sound magical.

Bottom Line

If you write and you’ve recently been suffering from a writer’s block, then this is your calling.

When | 18th Jan 2019; 7 Pm to 12 AM

Where | A Little Anarchy Films

Location | Click Here 

Tickets | Click Here

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