CP’s New Bakery Has Red Velvet Macaroons And Cupcakes Startin’ INR 70!

Where | L14, Connaught Place

Price For Two | INR 550

Facebook Page | https://www.facebook.com/df.dezertfox/

Delhiites have started loving the concept of hogging on red velvet desserts. Silky texture of red velvet baked into crankling macaroons, filled with Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Butter Cream is sheer dessert pleasure. And for all those who cannot deal with life without such luscious desserts – cheer up!

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Dezertfox, South Delhi’s favourite bakery has arrived in CP and the shop is looking absolutely gorgeous! And the fact of the matter is that the ambrosial smell of the shop melts you to a pulp. So, if you’re someone who absolutely loves the smell of freshly baked goods – Dezertfox is the place for you to be!

Tastefully designed and keeping up with their tradition, the new outlet may be small but that’s all the space you need to hog on their plated and boxed desserts! In fact, even as you enter the place, the shop greets you with hundreds of desserts just waiting for you to grab and hog.

So, while the place only has so much space for people to sit. Their desserts overshadow any seating disappointment you might face! Frankly, looking at the desserts they offer, don’t you think it’s enough to take a break from taking a break?

Don’t just sit there – grab anything and everything! Try their – Dark Chocolate 55% cupcakes, Peanut Butter Eclair, Milk Tart, Dark Truffle Intenso and more!

Images’ Courtesy | Dezertfox

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