Crackers Or Not! Delhi May Face Worst Smog In The Coming Few Days!

Crackers or not. Delhi May Face Worst Smog In The Coming Few Days!

Though the ban on firecrackers has been taken seriously – there will be smog in the city on 20th and 21st this month. The Environment Pollution Control Authority said that the weather and traffic congestion may aid pollutants to hang the air.

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Experts pointed out that the wwind speeds and high moisture content could cause haze-like conditions on the mornings of October 20 and 21. A CPCB official explained “We expect people to still burst firecrackers despite the Supreme court’s ban on their sale, and the forecast for October 20 and 21 takes this into account. There will be high moisture content in the air that can trap particulate matter and hamper its easy dispersal.”

It is also said that 50% reduction in use of fireworks over last year would allow improved air quality.

Let’s make our contribution to fight against pollution during this festive season!

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