Delhi Government Will Award INR 2,000 To Any Person Who Helps Road Accident Victims!

Delhi Government

Delhi Government has mandated that people who help road accident victims will be awarded a sum of INR 2,000. The move came after long discussions with various authorities to help prevent & reduce interaction with various officers of the law.

30 Second Window:

  • The citizen concerned will also be given a certificate of appreciation in recognition of the good Samaritan effort.
  • Manish Sisodia, Honourable Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi tweeted as an official statement to all citizens and officers concerned.
  • In 2015 alone there were over 8085 accidents in the capital, of which 1622 people lost their lives. A study showed that 3 out of 4 people refuse to help road accident victims & 88% of them hesitate due to legal hassles.

So, all we’re saying is that you help road accidents’ victims. Not for the money, just good Samaritan efforts.


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