Delhi Might Not Be The Capital Of India Soon And Internet Is Losing It!

Delhi Might Not Be The Capital Of India Soon And Internet Is Losing It!

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Delhi were removed as the capital of India? Here’s some perspective to help you understand the situation. Pollution in Delhi has had a significant impact on the health of all Delhiites – whether it be citizens of the country, expats or diplomats, people are slowly leaving the city like an army abandoning its king.

But it’s not the reason behind this political stir that might lead to Delhi’s removal as the Capital of India. The Kejriwal Government, recently, sought a hearing with the Supreme Court during which the party posed a question.

“Has the Constitution of India or any law passed by the Parliament declared Delhi as the capital of India?”

The party advocated that,

“The Capital is not defined by any law. Tomorrow, the Centre can decide to move the capital to somewhere else. The Constitution also does not say the capital is to be Delhi. We know that the British moved the capital from Calcutta to Delhi. There is National Capital Territory of Delhi Act but it does not constitute Delhi as the capital of India.”

The argument was put forward by the Kejriwal government to raise the issue of political differences between the Centre and the Delhi Government.

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