Delhi Restaurants To Go Through Security Tests After Fire At Mumbai Club!

The recent fire at a pub in Mumbai’s Kamala Mills has triggered fire safety checks in Delhi.

When party-goers turned out to celebrate the New Year, they found fire officials at various pubs and restaurants, carrying out inspections.

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At Hauz Khas Village found that bar stools were piled in front of the fire exits, blocking them. There were no signages and the stairs were obstructed by furniture and potted plants. Fire officials disclosed that most restaurants are using a big loophole in regulations to escape implementing the safety regulations.

In Delhi, the restaurants are divided into two categories – those that allow guests below a number of 50 and those which have more. The smaller restaurants are expected to regulate themselves and this is where, officials say, they get away with having no safety regulations at all. What’s worse is though licensed for 48 people, these restaurants end up allowing many more. But the official could not penalize the restaurant owners because the eatery was licensed as a 48-cover restaurant.

According to the fire department, a new set of rules for smaller restaurants are under consideration. Until the same is finalised it remains up to restaurant owners to honestly enforce their capacity and voluntarily implement measures to ensure the safety of their customers.

Better safe than sorry!

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