Women Empowerment Takes A Step Forward, DU Girls’ Colleges Ban Sexist Songs From Annual Fests!

Delhi University

Delhi University Girls’ Colleges have banned certain singers from performing at their fests sighting sexist remarks in the songs. Promotion of women empowerment comes in direct conflict with the kind of sexist songs played at their respective fests. And we at DforDelhi could not agree more!

30 Second Window:

  • Many college heads like the ones from Jesus & Mary College, Maitreyi College & LSR spoke against the sexist songs playing at DU fests. In fact, the respective Presidents from the colleges named certain artists & how their songs are inappropriate for today’s day & age.
  • Some of the singers who were mentioned by the college officials included the likes of – Badshah, Indeep Bakshi, Mika, Raftaar & Honey Singh among others! The lyrics of the songs by these artists were branded abusive, offensive & demeaning to the female gender.
  • So, all in all, the colleges have come out with their respective notifications that says, “we can’t preach women empowerment in classes & practice women objectification during fests”

Also, these strict rules apply to boys visiting these colleges during the fest season!

We can only hope that more colleges like these take action against sexist songs playing in their campus.

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