Ready for an intimate music concert hosted by Sofar Sounds?

30 Second Window

Want to bring magic back to live music? Head to a specially curated limited capacity event organised by Sofar Sounds to witness a diverse musical show. This is an extremely secret event and the venue isn’t disclosed yet. To be a part of this event you all must register here. A guest list will be made for this event and if you are enthusiastic enough for this affair, get your names on the list ASAP!

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About Sofar Sounds

Sofar Sounds is a global network of artists, hosts, and guests, all with the goal of bringing the magic back to live music. Founded in London in 2010, it is now based in 268 cities across the world. Typically, a Sofar show is a limited-capacity event featuring three acts that perform for an equal duration. There is no opening act or headliner; every lineup is carefully curated to give the audience a diverse show. Sofar is essentially a secret gig or a music concert.

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About Sofar Delhi NCR

Sofar Delhi NCR is ready to host its first show in October 2016, and looks forward to featuring the best acts in the city! If you want to perform, volunteer or host a Sofar in the capital, please sign up on the website.

Event Details

Date: Sunday, 22nd January, 2017
Time: 4:30-5:00 PM
Lineup: Secret
Venue: Secret location, Gurgaon (revealed to guests via email a day before the event)


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