Delhi’s First Human Library Let’s You Borrow Your Very Own Human! 

Delhi's First Human Library Let's You Borrow Your Very Own Human

Have you ever wondered about how it would be if your book could talk back and answer all your questions? Well, let’s turn things around a little bit ’cause Delhi is hosting its very first Human Library event on the 18th of June, 2017 at Innov8 in CP.

30 Second Window:

  • At this event you can actually choose a person and know their story. You can borrow one person for 20 minutes out of 11 human books and sit with them to know about what they have to tell you.
  • The event will start from 2pm and end at 7pm which means you will have plenty of time to explore all the hidden stories at this Human Library. Are you excited? We are!
  • This kind of an event is happening for the very first time in Delhi and we are sure it’s gonna be beyond perfect!
  • You can keep all your prejudices aside and spend time with your human book at this event. You can even clear your misconceptions and doubts which will help you understand the depth of their story! Reading books has never been this fun.

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you head towards Innov8 in Connaught Place on the 18th of June, 2017 to explore this unique Human Library which we are sure you wouldn’t wanna miss out on.
  • If you love reading and exploring, then no excuse is gonna work for you to miss out on such an amazing and out of the box experience.

You can check out their Facebook event page here.

Sneak Peak | Regal Building, 69, Connaught Place

Phone | 9711631856

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