DFORDELHI EXCLUSIVE: Kill The Buzz Interview With A Special Message For His Fans

Mon ami! Remember the time we all went for GoHardwell Or GoHome? Kill The Buzz supported Hardwell with some fresh new tracks and Indi-beats. So, here is an exclusive interview with Kill The Buzz along with a special message for all of Delhi.

Kill The Buzz
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DforDelhi: So how does it feel to come back to Delhi?

Kill The Buzz: It feels good to be back in Delhi, the city has always treated me well and it has been really supportive since the start of my career. Biggest part of my family still sits out from here, so I am really happy to be back.

DforDelhi: What are your views on Indian dance music audience?

Kill The Buzz: The typical dance music.. it’s probably still out there, like if you watch all the movies that come from India, there is always dancing in there. So its something big and people like to enjoy themselves and they always like to dance and it makes things ever more exciting.

DforDelhi: Since your name is Aditya Nanuru a lot of your fans and us too, were wondering if you have your roots in India or not?

Kill The Buzz: No, I am not related to India in any way but I do get that question a lot. While my name is very Indian they write it in a different way. They write it with an ‘H’ in between, and I am not sure if it’s the typical Indian thing to do but that is where it comes from, and really, my parents are from Indonesia. So, yeah no roots from India. So sorry! *smiles*

DforDelhi: Are there any special surprises in your set for your fans?

Kill The Buzz: Well I am going to play some of my new tracks and I am curious to see what kind of an impact it has on my fans. So, if people really like it then awesome. Besides, there is a lot new music out right now, and so I also want to play some dance tracks.

People are really familiar with Hardwell here and the dance tracks everybody else is playing right now. But I want to give my fans something different, a little bit different.

DforDelhi: Do you have any special message for your fans here in Delhi?

Kill The Buzz: To all my fans here.. I want to say – everybody from Delhi who has supported me over the years, thank you so much! I am really happy and excited to be back in Delhi and I really hope to see you guys out there and again, when I come next.

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