Dig Into 8 Ravishing Dishes @ Diggin’s New Crib For INR 500 Or Less!

Dig Into 8 Ravishing Dishes @ The New Diggin For INR 500 Or Less!

Where |Ā 11, Santushti Shopping Complex, Race Course Road, Chanakyapuri

Price For Two | INR 1,400

Dug into Diggin’s new digs in Chanakyapuri? Well, we did mention that two people can eat here for INR 1,400! But did you know these guys have 10 absolutely ravishing dishes that you eat here for or less than INR 500?

I. Bacon Stuffed Chicken Legs

Price | INR 325

Possibly one of the best pairs of legs in town, sorry, we meant chicken legs šŸ˜› The dish is served with pine nuts and agrodolce sauce! It may not be crispy, but trust us when we tell you that its flavours sing in your mouth.

II. Diggin’s Signature Ravioli

Price | INR 395

The signature ravioli of Diggin is a hard dish to get over. Consider thisĀ – Ravioli is hard enough to make! But when it gets stuffed with spinach, broccoli and ricotta cheese – it simply melts in your mouth with overloaded cheese. In fact, the ravioli is cooked in Arrabiata sauce!

III. Lamb Lasagna

Price | INR 465

The Lamb Lasagna is a classic lamb ragout, layered with creamy cheese sauce, topped with fresh mozzarella and gratinated in a wood-firedĀ oven! Isn’t that just drooling good? Because we know we are salivating, how about you?

IV. Margherita Pizza

Price | INR 355

Pizza is love and if you’re like us, this one is most certainly your bae! In fact, Diggin takes the Margherita Pizza to the next level with Marinara Sauce, Mozzarella Sauce and Fresh Basil.

V. Bacon, Chicken and Blue Cheese

Price | INR 395

One of the best burgers in town – the Bacon, Chicken and Blue Cheese burger is an absolute delight! The cheese melts in your mouth as one might believe and the bacon and chicken drive your palate mad!

VI. Blueberry Smoothie

Price | INR 195

OH MY GOD! This smoothie has got to be the best you’ve ever tried! Better yet, it’s the best smoothie you’ve looked at, gotten drunk with and ordered 5 times more!

VII. Belgium Chocolate Shake

Price | INR 195

As if Belgium Chocolate cake wasn’t enough, these guys took shakes to a whole new level! The Belgium Chocolate Shake is thick, wildly chocolatey and an absolute bomb!

VIII. Apple Crumble Pie

Price | INR 175

Do you love pies? We like to think that this is one of Diggin’s signature dishes! The base of the pie is just thin enough to crumble in your mouth and the flavours are an absolute bomb.

Ps. these are only 8 things for less than INR 500 that you enjoy here. There is just so much more to Diggin and all its dishes that you cannot look anywhere else for that perfect meal!

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