Dive Into The Vaping Culture With These EON Vapes

Each passing decade sees the onset of a new trend that quickly becomes a part of the mainstream culture. From the advent of Facebook and WhatsApp to the rise of artificial intelligence and augmented reality, technological advancements never fail to surprise us. We welcome these breakthroughs and allow them to enrich our lives as we watch in wonder. One such breakthrough, though not quite of that magnitude but significant, is the arrival of the cool new alternative to smoking.

Vape Culture. You may not know about it or be a part of it, but you can’t ignore it.

For all smokers (especially those trying to quit) this is a revolution. E-cigarettes like EON are light, easy to carry devices which are a great alternative to regular cigarettes. For all the newbies, vaping is a convenient and easy way to handle one’s nicotine urges. Curious yet?

Well, for starters, the entire purpose of these devices is to offer nicotine without the associated risks of tobacco. Amazing substitutes like EON do not produce smoke, tar or ash hereby offering a smarter choice along with satisfying nicotine urges.

Many of our friends had been engulfed by the ‘vape culture’ and we, engulfed by our fear of missing out decided to try these as soon as we could get our hands on one. We did and guess what – we quite liked it! A friend was using EON which seemed to be great looking device with a rechargeable battery. A puff in, we were immediately blown away by the pleasant feeling of calmness coupled with mind-blowing taste that engulfed me with every puff that we inhaled. What more could we possibly want?

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We have a good mind to go out and try the other flavors too, especially Green Apple. And why not? What is there to lose? We get great flavor from an option which is a smarter alternative to smoking. The best part is that it is light on the pocket. Vapes like EON that come with a rechargeable battery have great longevity – Gotta love the technology! Another interesting observation we made while vaping my EON is that unlike a cigarette where there is an obligation to smoke the whole thing, an e-cig allows the luxury of a few puffs and then you’re done. It feels entirely natural to smoke way less when vaping an e-cigarette.

If you’re looking for a smarter alternative to smoking a regular cigarette stick, then vaping is a blessing for you!

Bless this generation for coming up with cool alternative to almost everything.

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